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Billing Process for Boston University

Boston University has elected to receive a centralized invoice for its university investigators and their designated user’s use of NERC services. IS&T will then internally recover the cost from investigators. The process for cost recovery is currently being implemented, and we will reach out to investigators once the process is complete to obtain internal funding information to process your monthly bill.

Subsidization of Boston University’s Use of NERC

Boston University will subsidize a portion of NERC usage by its investigators. The University will subsidize $100 per month of an investigator’s total usage on NERC, regardless of the number of NERC projects an investigator has established. Monthly subsidies cannot be carried over to subsequent months. The subsidized amount and method are subject to change, and any adjustments will be conveyed directly to investigators and updated on this page.

Please direct any questions about BU’s billing process by emailing us at or submitting a new ticket to the the NERC's Support Ticketing System. Questions about a specific invoice that you have received can be sent to