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Extending Volume

A volume can be made larger while maintaining the existing contents, assuming the file system supports resizing. We can extend a volume that is not attached to any VM and in "Available" status.

The steps are as follows:

  • Extend the volume to its new size

  • Extend the filesystem to its new size

Using Horizon dashboard

Once you're logged in to NERC's Horizon dashboard.

Navigate to Project -> Volumes -> Volumes.

Extending Volume

Specify, the new extened size in GiB:

Volume New Extended Size

Using the CLI


To run the OpenStack CLI commands, you need to have:

Using the openstack client

The following openstack client command syntax can be used to extend any existing volume from its previous size to a new size of :

openstack volume set --size <NEW_SIZE_IN_GiB> <VOLUME_NAME_OR_ID>

For example:

openstack volume set --size 100 my-volume

where "my-volume" is the existing volume with a size of 80 GiB and is going to be extended to a new size of 100 GiB."

Pro Tip

If your volume name <VOLUME_NAME_OR_ID> includes spaces, you need to enclose them in quotes, i.e. "<VOLUME_NAME_OR_ID>".

For example: openstack volume set --size 100 "My Volume"

For windows systems, please follow the provider documentation.

Please note

  • Volumes can be made larger, but not smaller. There is no support for shrinking existing volumes.
  • The procedure given above has been tested with ext4 and XFS filesystems only.