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Creating Your Own Developer Catalog Service

Here, we walk through the process of creating a simple RStudio web server template that bundles all resources required to run the server i.e. ConfigMap, Pod, Route, Service, etc. and then initiate and deploy application from that template.

This example template file is readily accessible from the Git Repository.

More about Writing Templates

For more options and customization please read this.

  1. Find the From Local Machine section and click on Import YAML as shown below:

    Import YAML

  2. On opened YAML editor paste the contents of the template copied from the rstudio-server-template.yaml file located at the provided Git Repo.

    YAML Editor

  3. You need to find the Developer Catalog section and then select All services option as shown below:

    Select All Services

  4. Then, you will be able to use the created Developer Catalog template by searching for "RStudio" on catalog as shown below:

    Search for RStudio Template

  5. Once selected by clicking the template, you will see Instantiate Template web interface as shown below:

    Initiate Template

  6. Based on our template definition, we request that users input a preferred password for the RStudio server so the following interface will prompt for your password that will be used during login to the RStudio server.

    Provide the RStudio Password

  7. Once successfully initiated, you can either open the application URL using the Open URL icon as shown below or you can naviate to the Routes section and click on Location path as shown below:

    How to get the RStudio Application URL

  8. To get the Username to be used for login on RStudio server, you need to click on running pod i.e. rstudio-server as shown below:

    Detail Information for RStudio Pod

  9. Then select the YAML section to find out the attribute value for runAsUser that is used as the Username while Sign in to RStudio server as shown below:

    Username for RStudio Server from Pod runAsUser

  10. Finally, you will be able to see the RStudio web interface!

Modifying uploaded templates

You can edit a template that has already been uploaded to your project: oc edit template <template>