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NERC Pricing Calculator

The NERC Pricing Calculator is a google excel based tool for estimating the cost of utilizing various NERC resources in different NERC service offerings. It offers a user-friendly interface, allowing users to input their requirements and customize configurations to generate accurate and tailored cost estimates for optimal budgeting and resource allocation.

Start your estimate with no commitment, and explore NERC services and pricing for your research needs by using this online tool.

How to use the NERC Pricing Calculator?

Please Note, you need to make a copy of this tool before estimating the cost and once copied you can easily update corresponding resource type columns' values on your own working sheet that will reflect your potential Service Units (SU), Rate, and cost per Hour, Month and Year. This tool has 4 sheets at the bottom as shown here: Estimator Available Sheets If you are more interested to calculate your cost estimates based on the available NERC OpenStack flavors (which define the compute, memory, and storage capacity for your dedicated instances), you can select and use the second sheet titled "OpenStack Flavor". For cost estimating the NERC OpenShift resources, you can use the first sheet titled "Calculate SU" and input pod specific resource requests in each row. If you are scaling the pods more than one then you need to enter a new row or entry for each scaled pods. For Storage cost, you need to use the third sheet titled "Calculate Storage". And then the total cost will be reflected at the last sheet titled "Total Cost".

For more information about how NERC pricing works, see How does NERC pricing work and to know more about billing process for your own institution, see Billing Process for My Institution.