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OpenStack Tutorial Index

If you're just starting out, we recommend starting from

Access the OpenStack Dashboard and going through the tutorial in order.

If you just need to review a specific step, you can find the page you need in the list below.

Logging In

Setting Up A Network

Access and Security

Create & Connect to the VM

Persistent Storage

OpenStack CLI

Python SDK


i. Kubernetes Development environment

  1. Minikube
  2. Minishift
  3. Kind
  4. MicroK8s
  5. K3s

    5.a. K3s with High Availibility(HA) setup

    5.b. Multi-master HA K3s cluster using k3sup

    5.c. Single-Node K3s Cluster using k3d

    5.d. Multi-master K3s cluster setup using k3d

  6. k0s

  7. Red Hat Code Ready Containers(CRC)

ii. Kubernetes Production environment

  1. Kubeadm

    1.a. Bootstrapping cluster with kubeadm

    1.b. Creating a HA cluster with kubeadm

  2. Kubespray

Getting Help

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