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Delete Volumes

Using Horizon dashboard

Once you're logged in to NERC's Horizon dashboard.

Navigate to Project -> Volumes -> Volumes.

Select the volume or volumes that you want to delete.

Click "Delete Volumes" button.

In the Confirm Delete Volumes window, click the Delete Volumes button to confirm the action.

Unable to Delete Volume

You cannot delete a bootable volume that is actively in use by a running VM. If you really want to delete such volume then first delete the insance and then you are allowed to delete the detached volume. Before deleting Please make sure during the launch of this insance is using the default selected No for "Delete Volume on Instance Delete" configuration option. If you had set this configuration "Yes" for "Delete Volume on Instance Delete", then deleting the instance will automatically remove the associated volume. Launch Instance With Persistent Volume

Using the CLI


To run the OpenStack CLI commands, you need to have:

To delete a volume using the CLI, do this:

Using the openstack client

The following openstack client command syntax can be used to delete a volume:

openstack volume delete <VOLUME_NAME_OR_ID>

For example:

openstack volume delete my-volume

Pro Tip

If your volume name <VOLUME_NAME_OR_ID> include spaces, you need to enclose them in quotes, i.e. "<VOLUME_NAME_OR_ID>".

For example: openstack volume delete "My Volume"

Your volume will now go into state 'deleting' and completely disappear from the openstack volume list output.