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Billing Process for My Institution

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

The New England Research Cloud (NERC) is a shared service offered through the Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center (MGHPCC). The MGHPCC will enter into a lightweight Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with each institutional customer that consumes NERC services. The MOU is intended to ensure the institution maintains access to valuable and relevant cloud services provided by the MGHPCC via the NERC to be better aligned to a number of research regulations, policies, and requirements and also ensure NERC remains sustainable over time.

Institutions with established MOUs and Billing Processes

For cost recovery purposes, institutional customers may elect to receive one invoice for the usage of NERC services by its PIs and cost recovery internally. Every month, the NERC team will export, back up, and securely store the billing data for all PIs in the form of comma-separated values (CSV) files and provide it to the MGHPCC for billing purposes.

The following institutions using our services have established MOU as well as billing processes with us:

  1. Harvard University

  2. Boston University

Upcoming MOU with other institutions

We are in the process of establishing MOUs for institutions not listed above.

PIs from other institutions not listed above can still utilize NERC services with the understanding that they are directly accountable for managing their usage and ensuring all service charges are paid promptly. If you have any some common questions or need further information, see our Billing FAQs for comprehensive answers.

If your institution does not have an MOU with us, please have someone from your faculty or administration contact us to discuss it soon by emailing us at or, by submitting a new ticket at the NERC's Support Ticketing System.