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Editing applications

You can edit the configuration and the source code of the application you create using the Topology view.

Editing the source code of an application using the Developer perspective

You can click the "Edit Source Code" ico, displayed at the bottom-right of the deployed application, to access your source code and modify it as shown below:

Edit the source code of an application


This feature is available only when you create applications using the From Git, From Catalog, and the From Dockerfile options.

Editing the application configuration using the Developer perspective

  1. In the Topology view, right-click the application to see the edit options available as shown below:

    Edit an application

  2. Click on any of the options available to edit resource used by your application, the pop-up form will be pre-populated with the values you had added while creating the applicaiton.

  3. Click Save to restart the build and deploy a new image.